Post-16 Open Events & Destinations

A sixth form student working on their laptop in the library

Dear Parent/Carer

Re: Post-16 open events & destinations

I am writing to you regarding your child’s ‘next steps’ after they finish their GCSEs. 

On Friday 29th September, all year 11s had a visit from KentChoices (, which is the platform through which students must apply for their post-16 choices. During this assembly, our visitor made clear to students that there are many options for what to do next. This includes school sixth form, apprenticeships, college courses, or even T-Levels. 

All young people are required to remain in some kind of education or training until they turn 18. Therefore, it is important that time is taken to consider their next steps carefully and begin to make applications for relevant options which will prepare them for their future lives. Part of this very important process is visiting providers of post-16 study courses, much like how you would have done in year 6 when looking for a secondary school. I would like to draw your attention to the following venues and their upcoming open events, which have in the past proven to be popular destinations for our students:


Upcoming Open Event


Longfield Academy Sixth Form

8th November

North Kent College

Dartford: 17th October
Gravesend: 19th October

MidKent College

Maidstone: 1st November
Medway: 8th November

Hadlow College

4th November


Upcoming Open Event

Longfield Academy Sixth Form
Click here to go to their website

8th November

17th October
19th October

1st November
8th November

4th November

Please note that some of the open events do require booking, so you must ensure you check the relevant websites for further information. The dates/times in the above table were correct as of the time of publishing this letter, but may be subject to change at the discretion of the providers.

You may also wish to browse the information about apprenticeships here: 

For students who have an EHCP, please contact Mr Williams or Mrs Mulholland for questions regarding transition and post-16 options.

Yours faithfully

Mr M. Lowe
Assistant Principal
i/c of Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance