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Festive Events at Longfield Academy

Dear Parents/Carers, As we move towards the festive season, it is with great pleasure that [...]

SLT Drop-In Sessions 2023-24 (booking required)

Dear Parents/Carers, One area of the Academy’s day to day functions that we continue to [...]

MCAS Letter

Dear Parents/Carers Re: My Child at School – MCAS I hope that you and your [...]

Longfield Academy Ofsted inspection September 2023

Dear Parents/ Carers Re: Longfield Academy Ofsted inspection September 2023 I am delighted to share [...]

Post-16 Open Events & Destinations

Dear Parent/Carer Re: Post-16 open events & destinations I am writing to you regarding your [...]

Open Evening on Tuesday 10th October 2023

Dear Parents/Carers, The contents of this letter apply only to parents/carers of children who have [...]