Student Voice

All students are members of Student Voice at Longfield Academy. It is an integral part of the leadership at our academy. It provides opportunities for all students to share their ideas and opinions provide feedback and get involved in real decision-making and work together with other students, staff and the community to make a difference.

Our Student Voice Academy Leadership Team is involved in strategic planning and meets with a representative from the Academy Leadership Team every term to discuss key issues, and plan for future events. These students take these ideas and decisions back to their respective Colleges to share with all students and staff.

Each Student Voice College Leadership Team comprises of students from each College form, who meet termly to discuss issues, ideas and formulates plans. They communicate with tutor groups to ensure students are aware of the discussion and contribute their ideas. A member of the Student Voice Academy Leadership Team chairs these meetings.

There are numerous opportunities for students to be part of Student Voice which include:

Curriculum / Subject Reviews

Periodically, students are asked for their opinion on aspects of their Longfield Experience. This can focus on several or individual subjects but the views help us to review our provision, and where possible make the changes that we feel will further improve the experience for all our learners.

Interview Panels

The leaders have been involved in the recruitment process of new staff to the Academy.


Students have hosted visitors to the Academy, supported numerous events including Open evenings, consultation events and Academy performances and shows. For example, a group of 6 students came together to raise over £700 for Evelina Hospital by organising and participating in a music event at the Academy.

Charity Events/Fundraising

We are extremely proud of our students and staff in the manner in which they support the various charity events we host on an annual basis and as an Academy we have raised thousands of pounds to support worthy causes. This has included fund raising events in support of:

  • Marie Curie Cancer Foundation.
  • Purple Pinkie Day, in support of the Rotary Fund who are raising monies to help eradicate Polio in developing countries.

We raised over £1900 for Green Day, to raise money for Amy Kemp, an ex-student of Longfield Academy who was diagnosed with cancer. Through the commitment of the student voice team, the staff and the generosity of our Academy community, we helped raise enough money for Amy to achieve her ‘Bucket List.’ Sadly, Amy lost her battle but she will never be forgotten.

Sports Ambassadors


Sports Ambassadors have been appointed to help coordinate inter college competitions, clubs and tournaments for primary schools. They also play a crucial role in the organisation and facilitation of our annual sports day.

Year 11 and Sixth Form Prom

An opportunity to develop students event management skills, through becoming part of the Prom organisation committee, working alongside the Academy leadership to ensure the students in those years, have a well planned and thoroughly enjoyable and memorable, leaving celebration.

If you are interested in becoming part of any of the groups or would like to find out more about Student Voice at Longfield Academy, contact one of the SV Student Leadership Team or Mr Lever in Galileo College.