Essential Advice for Candidates

You will receive all of this information on your individual candidate timetable.  Once you have received your individual candidate timetable:

  • Please check it carefully and report any concerns to the Examinations Office or your subject teacher(s).
  • Keep it safe and bring it along with you on the day of your exams so you know your room, seat number and candidate number.

Morning exams start at 8:45am prompt.

Afternoon exams start at 1:45pm prompt.

You need to arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of your exam.

  • Yourself.
  • Your exam timetable so you know which exam room to go to and which seat to sit in.
  • You may bring a bottle of water in a clear bottle with no label.
  • Mobile phone, iPad, Chromebook, iPod/MP3 player or other data or communication device.
  • Food, unless you are diabetic in which case please speak to the Examinations Office before your exams about this.
  • Your coat and bag. These need to be left in the cloakroom. The cloakroom will remain open until the end of your exam, even if this is after the usual end of school time.
  • If at all possible you should attend the examination.
  • If you are unable to due to serious illness you must inform the Academy’s Attendance Office in the usual way, but also informing them that you are due to sit an exam.
  • For serious illness you should endeavour to obtain a letter from your doctor and return it to the Examinations Office within 5 days of the exam.
  • Do not panic!
  • Make sure you telephone the Academy and ask to speak to the Examinations Office to explain and give your estimated time of arrival.
  • On arrival you must report to reception and explain that you are late for your exam but that the Examinations Office are aware and expecting you.

No. Candidates leaving early can cause a disturbance that is unfair to others in the exam.