Our Colleges

The academy is organised into three colleges – Galileo (green), Matisse (purple) and Anderson (yellow). Each college is situated in its own strand of the building, and provides pastoral care to two form groups from each year group. Colleges are led by a Head of College, two Assistant Heads of College, and a Student Services team. Students are placed in mixed ability form groups and have dedicated form time each day where they follow our pastoral curriculum. All students, regardless of college, access the same academic and pastoral curriculum across the academy but go to their college areas for their form time and to access Student Services.

At Longfield Academy, we actively encourage the competitive element of inter-college activity in events and activities throughout the year. Whilst the colleges have their own identities, the emblems together form the triad of Longfield leaves, representing the unity of our community. They are also ordered to match the layout of the college; with Galileo on the left, Matisse in the centre and Anderson on the right.

Each of our colleges are named after pioneers who aspired to achieve great things, irrespective of barriers, linked to the subject disciplines in their college.

Vigilant, well-trained staff make sure that pupils are safe. Pupils are known as individuals and their well-being is a high priority. – Ofsted 2023