Academy Uniform

All students are expected to wear uniform and the Sixth Form has its own code. Students are expected to take pride in their appearance and look smart for work.

All current items can be purchased from the recognised Academy uniform suppliers and should not be otherwise obviously branded.

Please click on the button below to visit the Brigade UK ordering site for Longfield Academy uniform.

All students are expected to wear:


Navy blue with badge in College colours – to be worn at all times


Black tailored trousers or skirt (stitched down black box pleat, knee length). If students are wearing trousers they can wear a plain black belt (no branded logo)

White shirt/white blouse

White shirt with Academy tie or white blouse and no tie


Navy, v-necked, optional Longfield logo – this is optional and cannot be worn in replacement of a blazer


Socks – white, grey or black, tights – black or neutral


The only acceptable footwear is plain, black, sturdy leather/leather like shoes with wide flat heels. Trainers, above ankle boots, platforms, sling-backs, open toe shoes and fabric shoes (e.g. Vans) are not permitted.  Coloured stitching, coloured labels, logos and coloured laces are not permitted. Parents/carers are invited to send images of footwear to their College Principal should they need further advice.

Plain black ‘Kickers’ style shoes/ankle boots are the only acceptable exception to the above rules.


Should be of natural colour and make-up a discreet minimum.

Vapour Polo Shirt

Navy/sky blue embroidered with logo in college colour

Rugby Shirt

Navy/sky blue fully reversible

Aptus Training Shorts

Navy/ silver (no stripes, logo’s etc)

Aptus 1/4 Zip Training Top

Navy/ sky blue embroidered with logo in college colour

Aptus Training Pants

Navy/ silver

Football boots



NOTE: Football boots and shin pads are essential. These must be worn for safety.

Vapour Polo Shirt

Navy/sky blue embroidered with logo in college colour

Aptus Female Full Zip Training top

Navy/sky blue embroidered with logo in college colour

Aptus Training Shorts

Navy/ silver (no stripes, logo’s etc)

Aptus Training Pants

Navy/ silver

Aptus Female Leggings

Navy/ silver

All Sixth Form students are expected to follow the dress code.

You should dress in a smart business like manner as appropriate for an office.

  • Male: Suit; tailored trousers with jacket with shirt and tie.
  • Female: Suit; tailored skirt or trousers or dress with jacket. Formal blouse, shirt or top. No thin strapped or revealing tops.
  • Shoes or boots: No trainers, canvas or beach footwear.
  • Discreet accessories: No headwear, caps or hats.
  • No denim.
  • Specialist clothing may be needed for specific subjects with prior arrangements. If not properly attired, parents/carers will be contacted and students will be asked to return home to change.

Non-uniform items including jewellery may be confiscated, and these can be collected from the Academy office at the end of the day. Students bring items such entirely at their own risk and the Academy accepts no responsibility should they be damaged, lost or stolen.

Under no circumstances are facial piercings allowed.

Uniform Expectations

Please take time to read through and understand the Academy’s revised uniform expectations. It is extremely important that your child wears the correct uniform at all times. If any of the following uniform infringements are spotted on entry to the Academy, your child will be asked to correct it immediately. If they can, then they will proceed to lessons, if not, then your child will be isolated with a member of their College Leadership Team until this infringement is corrected. Parents/carers will be notified by your child’s Behaviour Support Mentor. Should the infringement continue for a second day, either the Assistant Head of College or Head of College will contact you to discuss this issue. On the third day, the Principal will contact you as your child would have then spent three days out of normal lessons. We hope you support the Academy in its drive to improve standards of uniform and ensure parity amongst our students.

Should a student have a genuine uniform issue, they should bring in a note explaining the nature of the problem and specify a date within which the issue will be rectified. We will allow one full week (7 days) before sanctions will be applied.

What Longfield Academy considers a uniform infringement from Tuesday 1st September 2020:

  • Incorrect footwear – no trainers
  • No blazer
  • Fake nails or coloured nail varnish
  • No tie
  • Branded jumpers
  • Not wearing a face mask in communal areas (*unless deemed exempt from wearing one)
  • Branded belts
  • Jeans style trousers – for guidance no patch pockets on the back
  • Hoodies
  • Excessive or unnatural looking makeup
  • Unnatural hair colour
  • Wearing socks above the knee (socks must be worn below the knee)
  • Inappropriate skirt length – for guidance the bottom of the skirt should be no more than 5 cm above the top of the knee cap
  • No jewellery except one pair of stud earrings and a wristwatch – no Apple Watches allowed 
  • No facial piercings
  • No school equipment including stationery and PE kit
  • No eyelash extensions

All students are expected to bring a bag, ideally a rucksack to the Academy. This will be used to store their equipment but we are also encouraging staff to allow students to bring their work home to show their parents/carers. We want them to be proud of their work and view this as important.

There is an expectation for all students to bring a scientific calculator to all of their lessons.