KS5 Careers Information

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Post-16 education is an exciting time. It allows students to specialise more in specific subjects of interest, but it also can be nerve wracking to consider what is coming next. Remember however, all young people are required to remain in some kind of education or training until they turn 18 (more information about this can be found here).

It is highly recommended that students engage with the Unifrog platform provided by the academy, as this will be invaluable in helping to record experience and consider the many options before you.

What comes after Year 13?

When you finish Year 13, there are a number of different routes which you can choose to pursue. The route you take depends mostly upon what your future career or job aspirations are. Everyone’s journey will be different, especially as compulsory education is concluded.

University remains a popular option for people leaving school at the age of 18. We have a page dedicated to information about post-18 options. Taking a gap year is also an option normally associated with university places, and you can find information about that on our gap year page.

Some people may choose to continue to study whilst they earn. For people post-18, there are many options available. This includes Apprenticeships and School Leaver schemes. You can find more information about these on the government website.

If you are not happy with the exam results you achieved, there is the possibility of retaking some of them. This government website outlines these options, but you should speak with the head of post-16 at Longfield if you are considering this route so that they can advise you on how to go about this.

You could of course leave the education system completely, and go into work at this stage. You would be able to work full time provided you find a suitable job for which you have the skills necessary. Websites such as Indeed can help you find a job, but you could also try applying to companies that you want to work for directly.


Always consider a backup plan! It is common for people to have multiple possibilities they can explore when they leave school. For example if you are hoping to go to university, consider back-up courses which have lower entry requirements but where you would be equally happy. For more information or support in formulating back-up plans, speak to your form tutor or careers advisor.