Academy’s Vision & Values

 ‘Achieve Beyond Expectations’

At Longfield Academy, we believe in a school community that nurtures unique individuals into being highly successful in their education, whilst supporting the development of every student into a responsible and valued member of their local, national and international communities. Regardless of their background or abilities, we strive to ensure that every student meets our high standards, achieves beyond expectations, and leaves our academy as lifelong learners with outstanding opportunities available to them.

This inclusive school has high expectations of all pupils’ achievement and behaviour. The school values of ‘being respectful, being aspirational and being caring’ are threaded through daily life here. – Ofsted 2023

To ensure we support our students’ development, Longfield Academy follows the recognised and highly acclaimed International Bacculaurate’s Middle Years Programme in years 7 to 9. This programme spans across eight subject areas and focuses on developing students into communicative, knowledgeable, and caring risk-takers, who are also principled, reflective, inquisitive, open-minded, and balanced thinkers. These attributes are instilled in all our students to support them developing through their education and beyond, and are an excellent foundation for our students as they progress into GCSE, Post-16 and further education.

Our values prepare the international citizens of tomorrow. We aim to develop reflective, inquiring young minds who understand the value of success and are not afraid to fail or take calculated risks in order to learn. Equally, they will be leaders and team-players as well as confident, happy individuals who set themselves challenging life goals.

Our three core values, which are central to everything we do at Longfield Academy, are:

  • Respectful – every student, member of staff and visitor to the academy shows respect to everyone regardless of who they are or their differing viewpoints. We understand that everyone is entitled to be respected at all times and this should be a foundation in everything we do.
  • Aspirational – every student is encouraged to aspire to be the best person they can be in both their academic and personal development. Our staff aspire for our students to achieve the best in everything they do and will support students where necessary to ensure this. 
  • Caring – we show care for others and care for what we do at all times. We care about our appearance, our success, our relationships with others, our conduct, our work, our environment and so much more, as well as caring about the impact we have on those around us.
Graphic image showing the tagline for Longfield Academy; We Are Respectful, We Are Aspirational, We Are Caring.


  • Learn independently, and develop skills for enquiry and research
  • Learn with enthusiasm and curiosity
  • Communicate confidently and effectively, sometimes in another language
  • Act with integrity, honesty, empathy and a strong sense of the rights of people everywhere
  • Critically appreciate other cultures, traditions, values and beliefs
  • Are resourceful in the face of uncertainty and resilient in the face of challenges
  • Develop conceptual understanding across a wide range of issues including those that have local and global significance
  • Use critical and creative thinking skills to analyse problems and make reasoned, ethical decisions
  • Reflect and act upon their strengths and areas for development


  • Embraces British values and intercultural awareness
  • Develops internationally-minded young people
  • Develops the students’ skills and attributes so they become lifelong learners with a place in their communities
  • Appreciates the value of knowledge and is built upon evidence-informed pedagogical approaches 
  • Is underpinned by the science of how we learn and makes explicit links between previous and new knowledge