Careers Programme

Thinking about careers, and the future, may sometimes seem challenging or rather daunting. After all, a lot could change before you leave school, and it can be difficult to imagine what your future self may be doing.

A comprehensive careers programme provides pupils and sixth-form students with helpful support and guidance when considering their next steps. – Ofsted 2023

Our careers provision

At Longfield Academy, we have a tailored career programme which involves all year groups. As part of tutor times in each module, students will be developing various life and employability skills, compliant with both the Gatsby Benchmarks and the framework developed by the Career Development Institute. You can find out more about our programme using the link below, and also from the LAT policy on CEIAG provision:

Our careers programme is accompanied by a range of enrichment events and other opportunities throughout the year; including employer interactions for all year groups. The exact nature and scheduling of these events may vary depending upon availability and other factors.

Longfield Academy has a dedicated Careers Lead who provides access to careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG). Students are supported to make informed choices and decisions about their future, develop their skills, knowledge and experience to enable them to enter and be successful in the world of work and their future lives.

When is the programme reviewed?

The careers programme will be reviewed annually (September) to ensure that the provision is reflective of the current needs of our students. However, some changes may occur throughout the year in order to ensure that the students are receiving the best possible careers programme, and to best suit the needs of our students.

Student entitlement

At Longfield Academy we aim to prepare each student to aspire to and fulfil their career aspirations, supported by:

  • Clear and impartial information, advice and guidance so that informed choices and decisions can be made.
  • Knowledgeable people to help with decision making on the most appropriate further education, higher education, training or employment.
  • An exciting programme of careers education through form time to help develop skills and qualities to support the transition from school into the world of work and/or further learning.
  • Personalised support and information on progress through one-to-one and group interviews that offer the opportunity to discuss ideas, find out more information and develop an action plan to help make informed decisions about career pathways.
  • Opportunities to explore the world of work.

The school will review the careers programme, and the information published on this website, on an annual basis to ensure that it is current.

How we measure and assess our provision

The success of our careers provision is assessed to ensure that our young people are receiving the most relevant opportunities, led by labour market information, with equality and access to all options in the forefront of our minds. We do this in a number of ways;

  • Year 11 and Year 13 destinations data
  • Feedback from students and their parents/carers
  • Feedback from businesses and event organisers
  • Reports generated by Unifrog on pupil participation and the coverage of Gatsby Benchmarks
  • Independent advice or assessment of our provision (e.g. from the local authority)