Cancellation of the S1 Bus Service

Photo of the outside of the Longfield Academy building, showing students walking around it.

During half term, Longfield Academy was notified about the impending cancellation of the S1 bus service, which is  operated by Brian Jones Coaches. This vital service, catering to the daily commute of our students from Gravesend and Ebbsfleet, will cease operations effective 3rd May 2024.

The discontinuation of this service, due to a decline in passenger numbers, is a significant concern for our academy community as accessible transportation plays a crucial role in educating our students who travel in from surrounding towns. 

In response to the cancellation, Longfield Academy is formally submitting a complaint to address the withdrawal of this essential service and is actively engaging with Kent County Council and Brian Jones Coaches  to explore possible solutions.

We believe that the service will recommence in September 2024 but in the meantime we  are diligently working to identify and implement alternative transportation options to mitigate the impact on our students for the remainder of this academic year. Updates will be provided to parents as more information becomes available and discussions with the service provider progress.