Studying Abroad

Following the rise in tuition fees a number of students are considering combining a gap year with their studies by studying abroad. Certain European countries teach their university courses in English so it is a real possibility to spend three years in a foreign country while gaining a degree. University fees for some countries are considerably cheaper than studying in the United Kingdom.

Students can choose to study at a British university and spend a year abroad. Look into the different programmes of study on UCAS. These foreign courses are four year degree programmes with the third year in a foreign university.

Some students may consider studying at a British university and then spending a period studying at a European university. Erasmus Programme is a student exchange programme which promotes the growth of International Studying. Further details can be found at Erasmus Programme

Useful websites

  • Fulbright – for students looking to apply to an American university.
  • Study in Europe – for students interested in European universities.
  • Study in Australia – for students interested in studying in Australia.
  • Study in Holland – for students interested in studying a degree in Holland.