Our Results – 2019

Overall Average Point Score per student: 66.81

Average grade per entry: C (up from a C- in 2018)

Subjects which particularly stand out are English Literature A Level with 100% A*-C and 80% A*-B, Photography A Level with 100% A*-C and 80% A*-B and Art and Design A Level with 83% A*B. Performing Arts students achieved an impressive 75% Distinction/ Distinction* and Criminology students were awarded 91% A* to C.

Alex O’Donnell, Principal of Longfield Academy: “results day is a very special time and as a staff we feel privileged to share it with the students. I am very proud of the dedication and hard work they have demonstrated over the last two years and would like to thank my staff for their unrelenting support and dedication to the students’ success.”

Kitty Marlborough, Assistant Principal for Post 16: “the results this year are very pleasing and demonstrate what is possible when students believe in themselves and show both resilience and determination.”