Certificate Collection Information

For students still studying at the Academy, certificates will be issued during Academic year, but not before December

For students no longer studying at the Academy, certificates will be available for collection at Reception from the start of December between 9am-3pm.  When collecting certificates, students must bring photographic ID with them.  Students who are unable to collect certificates in person may nominate somebody else to do so on their behalf.  The nominated person must bring a signed letter from the student giving permission and their own photographic ID.

It is essential that you collect your certificates and retain them for life, as potential employers, colleges or universities will request to see them.

Certificates are kept in the Academy for two years only; please collect them as soon as possible.


Private Candidates are welcomed by the Academy. Please visit the Private Candidates section for further details.


Attainment 8: 40.11 points.
This measure shows that, on average, a Longfield Academy student gains grade 4.

Progress 8: -0.23.

This measure demonstrates the progress that students make, given their varying starting points (Key Stage 2 results). These results place Longfield Academy in the ‘Below Average’ band nationally.

  • Percentage gaining a standard pass in English (language or Literature) and mathematics: 60%.
  • Percentage gaining a strong pass in English (language or Literature) and mathematics: 31%.

A standard pass is defined as grade 4 or better, a strong pass as grade 5 or better.

  • Pupils entering the EBacc – 36%
  • Pupils attaining the EBacc (standard pass) – 10%
  • Pupils attaining the EBacc (strong pass) – 4%

The EBacc (English Baccalaureate) is comprised of English, mathematics, sciences, a language and either history or geography.

Academy Principal, Alex O’Donnell commented: 

“Longfield has once again celebrated fantastic results, showing consistent strong outcomes across subjects year on year. The hard work of our
students has paid off and they should be rightly proud of their achievements. As always, we had so many staff wanting to celebrate with the students and their parents on our results day – the strength of our community shines through! ”

Overall Average Point Score per student: 66.81
Average grade per entry: C (up from a C- in 2018)

Subjects which particularly stand out are English Literature A Level with 100% A*-C and 80% A*-B, Photography A Level with 100% A*-C and 80% A*-B and Art and Design A Level with 83% A*B. Performing Arts students achieved an impressive 75% Distinction/ Distinction* and Criminology students were awarded 91% A* to C.

Alex O’Donnell, Principal of Longfield Academy: “results day is a very special time and as a staff we feel privileged to share it with the students. I am very proud of the dedication and hard work they have demonstrated over the last two years and would like to thank my staff for their unrelenting support and dedication to the students’ success.”

Kitty Marlborough, Assistant Principal for Post 16: “the results this year are very pleasing and demonstrate what is possible when students believe in themselves and show both resilience and determination.”

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