University Information

There will be students who have considered university from a very young age. You may have chosen a career that you can only do if you have studied at university. Some students may look into university as one of the possible options following Post 16.

Students who successfully graduate will earn more in the main than a student who has chosen not to go to university.

There are in excess of 50,000 degrees so it is important that you choose the right degree.

Unable to decide what course to study? Have a go at…

  • UCAS

To research into the different courses with links to the universities look at UCAS.
If you have decided on going to university but cannot decide on a course, try the Stamford test on the UCAS site.

  • UK CourseFinder

You can also try the Course Finder questionnaire on UK CourseFinder. This is another free test which may help you choose your degree subject. There is additional information which may help you with your university decisions.

  • Centigrade

Centigrade is an online test by Cambridge Occupation Analysts. They offer a further test to identify a small section of degree courses and institutions which may suit you, however, there is a small charge for this online test. You can find the test on coa2.

  • Leigh Academies Trust Careers Advice

To discuss university courses in greater depth book a careers guidance interview with the Trust Careers Advisor.

Email or contact your Head of Sixth Form or administration to request an appointment.

Useful websites

Having selected a number of universities you should now be considering visiting them. It is important to visit the universities as you will be spending three years or maybe four years in your chosen location. University is about Higher Education but it is also about you experiencing different environments and you must be happy with all of your five choices that will appear on your UCAS application form. Some universities like you to book their open days so it is important that you plan for your future.

You may also be interested in learning more about student finance on our website.

  • Open Days – check out the dates of university open days.
  • Skill – disability support.
  • The Complete University Guide
  • BestCourse4Me – offers students the opportunity to link different degree courses and salaries that they may achieve in the future.
  • Unionviewcom on YouTube – just prior to organising to visit universities you may be able to do a virtual tour of the university on YouTube. This could save you valuable time and money if you see something that you do not like online before you have travelled to the other end of the country.
  • Push – an alternative guide to researching universities.