Our vision is to empower students to make inspirational, independent, impartial decisions by imparting knowledge of all future options within the confines of Career Education Information Advice and Guidance (CEIAG).

Jobs In Kent sponsor My Careers Options at Longfield Academy

Longfield Academy is delighted to have the online career assessment tool, My Careers Options generously sponsored for all students by Kent’s Largest jobs board, Jobs in Kent.

Owner of My Careers Options, Darrel Linehan- Dumont explained:

“We are super excited to kick off our Sponsorship program allowing companies to sponsor 1, 2 or 10 schools in their local area. We want to ensure every student eventually has access to a careers matching tool that really helps them in making good choices for their future”

He further commented:

“We are so pleased to have https://www.jobsinkent.com/ as one of our first businesses helping us by sponsoring My Careers Options for all the students at Longfield Academy; this will change the face of careers guidance for students. This allows them to find careers that they would potentially like and be good at and helpful for careers advisers, schools and parents when helping the students to make those big life decisions and plan the way forward” 

Longfield Academy Principal, Mrs O’Donnell commented:

“Careers guidance is a vital piece of support that a young person can receive.  We are so pleased to have the opportunity to access My Careers Options for our students, and to strengthen our relationship with Jobs in Kent.  Working in partnership with such great companies brings careers advice and guidance to life for our students.” 

Paul Andrews, CEO of sponsor company, Jobs In Kent commented:

“At Jobsinkent.com we recognise that there is a huge amount of talented young people in the County . We believe that the My Careers Options platform allows students to understand their inherent skills and talents and is a very valuable resource.

Jobsinkent.com are keen to facilitate the use of the platform and therefore decided to sponsor a school to use it. We chose Longfield Academy as we have had a relationship with the school via the FSB 30:30 programme and having met a large number of the students and staff we felt that they would be ideal partners to work with.”

Sincere thanks to Jobs In Kent for their valuable support.

Immersive Experiences in Medicine, Law, Engineering and Investment Banking

We’re delighted to introduce you to ‘The Parents’ Guide to’, a series of step-by-step guides aimed at supporting parents to help their children with Post 16 choices and GCSE exam revision.

The online guides provide parents with a simple, interactive and easy to follow advice, hyperlinks to reliable sources and the most up-to-date information on topics including:

  • Post 16 (and Post 18) options
  • Effective exam revision
  • How to provide constructive support
  • Preparing for GCSE Results Day
  • Grants and bursaries