SEND Provision

At Longfield Academy part of our vision statement says  “We believe in a community that nurtures unique individuals into becoming the open minded thinkers and principled adults of a diverse society.”   

This is at the heart of our SEN provision.We believe that every learner is entitled to an enriching, varied and personalised education; delivered through a broad and balanced curriculum that provides challenge, irrespective of need, starting point or background. Our commitment to maximising the potential of every child; teaching them the skills they need to be successful and nurturing a desire to be a lifelong learner, will prepare them for whichever career path they choose to follow.  We are committed to inclusion within the Academy curriculum and participation in all aspects of Academy life. Longfield Academy adopts a ‘holistic approach’ to special educational needs. All staff work to ensure inclusion of all students. We are committed to ensuring that students with special educational needs can fulfil their potential and achieve optimal educational outcomes.

Longfield Academy is fortunate to have a specialist resource provision for students who have an ASD diagnosis and an EHCP.  Please read about our SRP below.

Our aims are:

  • To ensure that all pupils with SEND have their needs identified in order to support academic progression and continued good physical and mental health and wellbeing
  • To ensure all children can access a balanced curriculum, differentiated where appropriate.
  • To ensure that all pupils with SEND are able to fully access the curriculum by providing extra support or additional resources where appropriate and by removing their barriers to learning.

ASD Provision

Longfield Academy contains specialist provision for 40 students on the Autistic Spectrum. Within this provision each student has an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP), whose primary need is identified as ASD. Students are supported by specialist staff within the provision which comprises of four classrooms, each with direct access to a quiet room that students can use. It also has its own kitchen area to support the development of life skills, changing rooms and training room. Students are able to use their own open space, separate from the main Academy playground, and this area also accommodates a garden for horticulture activities during some lessons extra curricular activities.

Students are based within the provision,for all tutor activities and social times  but all access the Academy for most lessons. The aim is to enable each student to integrate  main school lessons full time and to study the full range of  KS3 and KS4 examination courses and enrichment activities. Each student has a carefully personalised timetable which takes account of their individual needs, but has a significant level of challenge built within it. All students join everyone else in taking part in their College activities.

The Academy building and facilities has been carefully designed for students with ASD and other students with  learning difficulties to enhance accessibility. Each College has been carefully colour coded and rooms have specialist signage to enhance accessibility. The acoustic design of the Academy also supports all students to learn more effectively.

The Academy uses its expertise to provide local advisory support to other primary and secondary schools within the area. It also works closely with Milestone Academy to develop opportunities for students and staff across the Leigh Academies Trust and more widely.

Frequently asked questions

Please look through our Frequently Asked Questions below.   We would ask that contact is made via email or telephone if you have additional queries.

How does the school identify young people with special educational needs?

We work closely with feeder primary schools and ensure we receive all necessary information on levels, targets, and support requirements of each pupil. The SENCo meets primary SENCos before they start at Longfield Academy  which allows us to get to know the students and identify any areas of concern at an early stage. Students complete a number of standardised tests at the start of Year 7, which give us a greater insight into their learning needs.  Students are monitored throughout their school career by teachers and our support staff. Any concerns are flagged up and dealt with as quickly as possible. If parents have any queries or concerns, they can contact the form tutor at any time

How will school staff support the young person?

SEN students have a provision plan, highlighting areas of support. We provide targeted individual support which may include in class support; a differentiated curriculum; small group and small group intervention sessions. Students are supported by their teaching staff, pastoral staff and LSAs throughout their time at Longfield Academy.

How will the curriculum be matched to the young person’s need?

We are ambitious that where possible, all students access the whole curriculum at Key Stage 3.

Some students have additional support in core subjects, supported by the class teacher in conjunction with learning support.  While groups are mixed ability, teachers differentiate the curriculum, some students may work in smaller groups within the classroom focusing on specific areas as identified by the class teacher.

How will parents know how their children are doing and how to support their child’s learning?

At Longfield Academy we aim to develop close links with parents and carers. There are a number of opportunities throughout the year for parents/carers to talk to staff. Reports are sent home after each assessment data entry point. Parents and carers are welcome to phone or email staff at any time with concerns, questions or queries. Advice can be sought at any time from individual subjects and the Learning Support Team on how parents can support students at home.

What specialist services and expertise are available at the school?

The SEN Department has worked hard to develop close working relationships with specialist support services available in the local community and through the LEA. The SEN Team also works closely with Longfield Academy’s pastoral support team, especially our in-house counsellor, Early Help, Social Services and Early Intervention staff.

How will students be included in activities outside the classroom and on school trips?

All students are encouraged to join clubs. SEN students are monitored and special attention is paid to their level of participation. As a Department, we try to ensure that all students can go on trips they would like to attend, by offering support and guidance, including help with costs for Pupil Premium students.

How accessible is the school?

The site team is vigilant in making sure the site is safe for all users including those with disabilities. We have disabled toilets and lifts for student use.

How will Longfield Academy support my child to join the school and to transfer to further education?

We have close connections with our feeder primary schools. Students may begin visiting Longfield Academy throughout their time at primary school, as our site is used by the local community in the evenings. In this way, they become familiar with the school. More specific work with primary schools begins in Year 6. Our SENCO and other team members gather information from primary schools at this time, and then meet the primary SENCOs to discuss students in more depth. This is then followed by further events for parents and students. During the last term of Year 6 we hold a Transition day where students get to know the school, teaching and support staff who will be working most closely with them.  The pastoral/SEN team will also make visits to primary schools to discuss the needs of some students.

In terms of Post 16 education and training, we work alongside students and their parents/carers to facilitate the move onto further education by supporting students and parents with applications for our own sixth form or to obtain places on appropriate courses at local colleges.   A number of SEN students return to Longfield Academy for the Sixth Form. We are proud of the range of courses available to students in the Sixth Form.

Whom can I contact for further information?

If you are part of the school community please contact your son / daughter’s form tutor / student support manager initially.  They will liaise with SEN if appropriate.