COVID-19 Catch-Up Strategy Statement

  1. Year 7 Catch Up Grant replacement £15,012
  2. Ipad replacement £12,314
  3. Chromebook allocation £36,950
  4. Bespoke interventions and support £34,939

a) Catch Up Mentors – Main expenditure from £34,939 is employment of two ‘catch-up mentors’ – one for English and one for maths/science. The two tutors will start on a fixed term contract from just before Christmas

These two members of staff will:

  • Work 1:1 or with small groups
  • DoLs for English, maths and science will select the students that they will work with and identify the skills that they need to develop/improve in order to catch up
  • The priority will be Year 11 students, then Year 10, then Year 7, Year 9 and Year 8

Pop-up Library

  • A particular issue has been identified with Year 7 and Year 8 reading ages. Year 7 students have entered the academy with very low reading ages (a large proportion below a 9 year old. The test doesn’t go lower than a 6 year old)
  • A large proportion of reading ages in Year 8 have deteriorated over lock down
  • Students have been forthcoming about not reading during lockdown and also lack access to reading books
  • A pop-up library is now in operation to re-engage the students with reading

Year 11 Intervention

  • October half term sessions for selected students in:
    • English
    • Maths
    • Music
    • Drama
    • Art
    • Photography
    • Creative iMedia
    • PE
    • Construction
  • To boost English and maths skills and address coursework needs in the other subjects
  • After school sessions in English and maths in Module 2 and expanding to other subjects towards the second half of module 2 and module 3
  • Holiday sessions will also run during February half term, Easter and May half term