Year 11 GCSE Examinations

Photo of some Post 16 Longfield Academy students working on computers.

Dear Parents/Carers,

We are now only just over a week away from the start of the GCSE examinations. At the end of last week your child was given a copy of their final exam timetable with all of their seat numbers on it. This is also available via My Child At School (MCAS) for you to be able to see. Over the exam period our students will have lessons and revision sessions with students expected in school every day throughout the exam period so that we can support them to obtain the best grades they can.

In order to support our students, we are offering the following support throughout the exam period: Breakfast revision sessions, revision on the day of the exam where it is an afternoon exam and exam revision the afternoon before if there is an exam in the morning as well as after school interventions which you have already received details about previously. There will also be targeted Saturday and May Half term intervention sessions, if your child has been selected for these sessions you will receive a letter with the details of the session.

I want to share with you the names of the latest winners of our Golden Ticket prize draw competition that we have been running for our Year 11 students. Golden tickets are awarded by members of staff for a number of reasons such as fantastic class work, excellent independent revision, positive contribution to the school community etc. The prize draw took place in a Year 11 assembly to celebrate Year 11 achievement. A huge congratulations goes to Akili W, Joseph T, Iona L, Beth W and Harry M who received a voucher and also had lunch with the Principal to celebrate. This competition will continue to run throughout the exam period.

I have included with this letter a copy of some healthy recipes created to help support your child’s healthy body and mind during this time with each recipe explaining the benefits of that particular meal. You may want to encourage your child to cook these for you as a break from revision and I hope you find them useful and tasty.

Thank you for your continued support.

Kind Regards,

Mark Shaw
Vice Principal

Click here to view/download the healthy recipe cards

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