Important Changes to Academy Uniform Policy from September 2022 – 22 Apr 2022

Three Longfield Academy students in uniform pose for the camera outside of the building.

Our uniform policy will be changing from September 2022. The change is being introduced to improve the current standard of uniform and to eradicate the inconsistencies, particularly by our female students and to ensure we have the most cost effective, smart uniform that is a representation of the high standards we uphold.

We have discussed the changes in the most recent parent forum, with the Student Council and carried out a survey with all members of staff who welcome change following concerns over skirt lengths. It is a duty of the academy to ensure our students are dressed appropriately and with dignity at all times.

There are currently students taking too wide an interpretation of what constitutes acceptable length of school skirts. It is, therefore, one of our aims to eliminate this ambiguity, and we believe that all stakeholders will appreciate clarity over what constitutes correct uniform.

From September 2022 all girls in Years 7 to 11 must wear a new bespoke skirt or plain black school trousers. The new kilt style skirts are bespoke to the academy and have 4 black buttons on the left hand side and must be level with the back of the knee when standing. These skirts will only be available to buy through the academy.

The changes we are bringing in will ensure that our students look smarter, and will ensure that valuable staff time is not spent dealing with uniform related issues.