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Dear Parents/Carers,


I hope you and your child enjoyed the Easter holidays after such a disrupted few months. I would like to draw your attention to a few key pieces of information that are important as we look forward to Module 5.

Assemblies for Module 5

We are now in a position to resume hosting vital assemblies from Monday 26th April, in college specific year group assemblies. Pupil’s will not mix with other year groups and be socially distanced in our theatre. Assemblies are a crucial part of our Academy and college identity where we can affirm our expectations whilst providing students with valuable learning experiences outside the classroom. I have attached the schedule for our Module 5 assemblies. It is important to note that if your child’s college group has an assembly in the afternoon tutor time slot, they will not be departing the building until 3:20 via the theatre doors.


Pupils’ attendance at Longfield Academy continues to be a key priority as students cannot ‘Achieve Beyond Expectations’ if they are not in the building to learn. The vast majority of students do attend regularly and have attendance above the 95% threshold we expect and I thank you for your support in encouraging this with your child. High rates of attendance are crucial factors which allow us to thrive at school and eventually in the world of work. The government has made it very clear publicly that following the disruption to education caused by the pandemic, they expect pupils to be in school and we as an Academy will continue to pursue high rates of attendance from all our pupil’s.

Frequent absence becomes a barrier to learning as often much of the work the pupil has missed during their absence results in gaps in their learning, leaving them at a significant disadvantage in relation to their peers. The Department for Education (DFE) continually highlights the relation between attendance and attainment. The findings show that in general, the higher the absence rate, the lower the likely level of attainment. A child who averages 80% attendance during their secondary school career effectively misses one whole year of education and significantly reduces their chances of securing good outcomes at the end of Year 11. This could easily be sufficient to prevent a pupil going on to a sixth-form course, apprenticeship and ultimately the university or career of their choice.

As a school we will continue to work closely with parents and carers to ensure that all our pupils have excellent attendance. Where a pupil’s attendance falls below 90%, the Behaviour Support Mentor for your college, will contact you if we feel your child’s rate of absence is an issue and they will work with you to improve the situation however, we will also enlist the support of our Attendance and Welfare Officer and indeed Kent County Council in cases where we as an Academy are unable to improve the situation. This may result in us applying for penalty notices through Kent County Council, something we would like to avoid. 

Please note, if your child is displaying symptoms for coronavirus please follow the guidance outlined by the government. I have included the link to the relevant information regarding coronavirus where you can find links to key documents and guidance.

If your child becomes unwell at school we will ascertain the extent of the symptoms and try where possible to keep them in school however, if their symptoms worsen then we will telephone you to advise you accordingly. Again, this is not the case for symptoms of coronavirus where we will follow the guidance as published by Public Health England.


As a reminder, it is your responsibility as a parent/carer to ensure that your child arrives in time for the start of school. At Longfield Academy, this is 08:40. At 08:41 this is late.  It is imperative that students arrive on time in the mornings and journeys to the Academy need to factor in local traffic conditions and length of time it takes to travel to the site. If all pupil’s arrive on time, it allows lessons to start promptly to maximise learning. Pupil’s arriving late in the mornings cause disruption to lessons where teachers have to keep pausing the lesson to open doors, amend registers and restart the lesson. This is not fair to the pupil’s that arrive on time and the teacher. As a result, we have started to send text messages to parents/carers, if their child arrives after 08:40. This is not applied where we know a bus/coach has not been able to arrive on time. If we have to send three text messages in a standard week, your child will be issued an after-school detention for the following Wednesday afternoon. Failure to attend, will result in your child being placed in our Internal Exclusion Unit for a period of one day. This is again, something we would like to avoid so we urge you to ensure your child arrives in the Academy building by 08:40 to avoid any sanctions being applied. 

As an Academy, we ask parents and carers to continue to work with us collaboratively to ensure that your child’s attendance and punctuality does not become a barrier to achieving the best possible outcomes.


Yours faithfully,


Jamie Lever

Head of College


Module 5 Assembly Schedule – all assemblies will take place at 2.55pm unless stated.

Students will leave at 3:20 on their allocated assembly day unless the assembly takes place on a Week 2 Thursday, where students will leave at their normal time.

Week 2

Monday 26th April Tuesday 27th April Wednesday 28th April Thursday 29th April Friday 30th April
Year 10 Anderson Year 10 Matisse Year 10 2pm Galileo

Year 7 Anderson 3 pm 

Year 7 Matisse

Week 1

Monday 3rd May Tuesday 4th May Wednesday 5th May Thursday 6th May Friday 7th May
BANK HOLIDAY Year 7 Galileo Year 11 Anderson Year 11 Matisse

Week 2

Monday 10th May Tuesday 11th May Wednesday 12th May Thursday 13th May Friday 14th May
Year 11 Galileo Year 8 Anderson Year 8 2pm Matisse

Year 8 Galileo 3pm

Year 9 Anderson

Week 1

Monday 17th May Tuesday 18th May Wednesday 19th May Thursday 20th May Friday 21st May
Year 9 Matisse Year 9 Galileo Year 10 Anderson Year 10 Matisse

Week 2

Monday 24th May Tuesday 25th May Wednesday 26th May Thursday 27th May Friday 28th May
Year 10 Galileo Year 11 All students – amphitheatre- weather permitting