Use of Cameras & MCAS

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Dear Parents/Carers,


We have analysed the feedback from parents, pupils and teachers in regards to our approach to live lessons and from Monday 22nd February we will be asking pupils in years 10, 11, 12 and 13 to voluntarily keep their cameras on during live lessons. All pupils in every year group (including year 7,8 and 9) will have the opportunity to engage in live PSHE/Tutor periods with the use of cameras.  We feel this will help us to:

  • Increase active participation in lessons by being able to see who is completing the set work;
  • Allow teachers to gauge pupils understanding and to adapt teaching accordingly;
  • Allow pupils to feel more empowered in the learning community;
  • To provide parents/carers with reassurance that their child’s teachers are monitoring their active participation in the live lessons.

Please ensure that your son/daughter understands the following expectations so that all learners benefit from this new adapted approach to lesson.


  • Teachers will promote the ‘camera on’ function at the start of each lesson but this will always be optional.
  • Pupils would be expected to put on a plain background. This must be the case if joining from a bedroom environment.  Teachers will provide guidance.
  • Mics should be off throughout the lesson, with pupils using the ‘chat’ and ‘hand raise’ function to ask questions and to provide answers posed by the teacher. Mics can only be used when directed to do so by the teacher.
  • Behaviour expectations throughout the live lessons will remain the same and in accordance with our Behaviour Charter. Any inappropriate behaviour will be reported to the Behaviour Support Mentor and further action may be taken including the removal of the child from the live lesson.
  • Pupils are prohibited from taking screenshots, videos, or photographs of anyone on the live function.
  • Pupils should be dressed appropriately for live lessons (no nightwear or dressing robes)
  • Should your child or indeed you see anything of concern, please contact the relevant college admin team as soon as possible via:

We hope you understand our drive to provide pupils with as near normal learning experience as possible to what they would usually have within our Academy.

My Child at School – Accessing your son/daughter’s digital engagement scores

Teachers have been asked to record attendance to live lessons and then following the final lesson of the week, they have been recording a digital engagement score. These are shown below with the relevant descriptors:

Level 5: High Engagement The pupil consistently takes part in all aspects of online learning with enthusiasm and is determined to be successful. All activities are completed to a high standard and do not give up when faced with difficult tasks. Deadlines are always met.
Level 4: Strategic Engagement The pupil is self-motivated, positive and attributes value to the work they are doing. All online learning is completed to a good standard. Deadlines are met
Level 3: Compliant Engagement The pupil is willing to expend effort to comply with the tasks set, their engagement does not always support progress and/or the pupil has to be given reminders to complete tasks set. Completion of work is sometimes inconsistent in terms of quality and/or the pupil does not always meet deadlines.
Level 2: Reluctant Engagement The pupil’s digital engagement does not support progress and/or more than one reminder to complete work is necessary. The pupil has frequently failed to complete Online Learning and rarely meets set deadlines.
Level 1: Disengagement The pupil is unwilling to engage in digital learning in either the physical or virtual classroom. They do not bring their device (if applicable) on a regular basis or it is not charged ready for learning.

From Monday 1st March 2021 you will be able to access your son/daughters digital engagement score for the previous week via You can access these as in the same way you access your son/daughters grade sheets and when you login there will be a new option in the black bar down the left hand side of the screen showing as Digital Engagement Score. Please email your college admin team if you are having difficulty with logins.

Please note: for some subjects especially in year 7, 8 and 9 a few engagement scores may be missing for some subjects such as Art, Music and Drama as they only have two lessons a fortnight and both may be in the same week. PSHE lessons and tutor time are not graded for digital engagement by the tutors.

We ask that you review and discuss your child’s digital engagement on a weekly basis. We want pupils to aim for an average score of at least 4 pupils in years 7-11 will receive outstanding digital certificates for achieving average scores of 4.8+.

If you have any questions related to this, please direct them centrally to


Yours faithfully,


Jamie Lever 

Head of Galileo College