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Dear Parents/Carers,


Following the Prime Minister’s recent announcement that schools are to remain closed until at least the end of the February half term, except for vulnerable pupils and children of critical workers, I write to update you on the actions we are taking at Longfield Academy to ensure that all our pupils are appropriately supported and continue to make progress.

Remote Learning

As I mentioned to you in my last letter, we are now delivering remote learning to all our pupils.   Pupils will follow their normal timetable during the remote learning period and all pupils are expected to log on to their Google Classrooms and engage with the live lessons that their teachers will be leading.  As a school, we have learnt a lot from the last lockdown, and we feel well equipped to deliver impactful lessons so you can be assured that pupils will be receiving quality education.  I must emphasise that I am keen to ensure that no pupil falls behind despite the disruptions to schooling that we have experienced.  Therefore, I have asked all teachers to record attendance, punctuality and attitude to learning during the live lessons so that we can follow up on any issues.  All I ask of you, as parents and carers, is that you support us by ensuring that your child takes full advantage of the opportunities we are offering them.

We have lots of useful video resources on our home learning site should your child require assistance with aspects of using Google classroom.  These can be accessed by visiting the school’s website: https://longfieldacademy.org.uk/home-learning/The password is: HomeLearning2020

Once on there, the following link is useful:


Vulnerable Pupils and Children of Critical Workers

The school remains open to our most vulnerable pupils and children of those critical workers who are helping to deal with the current crisis.  Please email info@longfieldacademy.org if you wish to use this provision.  The academy will be operating a normal school day for these pupils which means that they will be expected to arrive on time, by 8.40am at the latest, for the start of period 1.  Pupils will be following their normal timetables and will be engaging with their teachers in live lessons as above.  They will be supervised by our staff.  They should also continue to wear school uniform.

Free School Meals (FSM)

At present food packs will be provided for FSM pupils and parents/carers will need to collect them from the academy.  

I will be updating you should anything change.  Thank you for your continued support and I hope that you and your families remain safe and well.


Yours faithfully,



Dr F. Donkor